Create Your Own Round Car Freshie

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This is for 1 custom Car Aromie. These are NOT ready to ship! Please select your options in the drop-down menu. 

Size- 4 inches

*Turn Around Time for these is 5-7 business days. Please note that if you order ready to ship products in addition to a custom order, they will NOT ship until the custom order is complete.

If you would like to use a custom image, please send it via email to and include your name & order number.  In the image number box while ordering, please specify that you emailed a photo.

High quality photos only, and a reminder that they will be cropped into a circle. 


Black SuitOzone + Cardamom + Vanilla + Floral + Amber

Cactus FlowerCitrus + Green Floral + Musk + Sandalwood (Comparable to Cactus Blossom)

Cereal-sly- Fruity Cereal + Sugar Milk

Cherry Bomb Pop- Fresh Picked Cherries + Sweet Vanilla

Cozy In Cashmere- Spice + Vanilla Extract + Creamy Cocoa Butter + Sandalwood + Warm Amber

Fierce & Fire- Vetiver + Cedarwood + Floral Citrus + Musk 

Icy RoadsLight Musk + Amber + Sandalwood (Comparable to Black Ice)

Laundry Day- Clean Cotton + White Peach + Lavender

LeatherClean Fresh Leather

Lemon Fluff- Lemon Cake + Marshmallow Fluff

Mango Papaya- Mango Juice + Papaya

Raspberry Sugar Whip- Sugared Raspberries + Whipped Cream

Secret WishesStarfruit + Peony +Amber + Sandalwood (Comparable to 1000 Wishes)

Strawberry Crunch Cake- Fluffy Pound Cake + Sweet Strawberries + Whipped Cream + Vanilla

Sugar + Spice- Crushed Clove + Cinnamon + Sugar Crystals + Vanilla Cream

TeakwoodMahogany + Cedar + Lavender + Oak (Comparable to Mahogany Teakwood)

Vanilla WoodsCreamy Vanilla + Smokey Woods + Lavender + Musk

Velvet NightsSmooth Vanilla + Musk + Jasmine + Citrus (Comparable to Cashmere Glow)

Zucchini Bread- Cake Batter + Cinnamon Vanilla + Crushed Almonds


 Fall Collection

Autumn Leaves-Spiced Floral + Earthy Pine + Musk (Comparable to Leaves)

Caramel Apple Crunch- Fresh Honeycrisp Apples + Melted Salted Caramel

Farmhouse Breakfast- Maple Syrup + Crushed Pecans + Waffle Batter + Pumpkin Whip (Comparable to Pumpkin Pecan Waffles)

Gather Here- Harvest Blends + Clove + Wild Berries + Apple

Maple Chai Cream- Pastries + Maple Glaze + Spice

Pumpkin Caramel Swirl- Pumpkin Cream + Brown Sugar + Caramel Bits + Spice

Spiced Pumpkin Roll- Pumpkin Spice + Vanilla Cream + Cinnamon